Painting Course in Milan


L'applicazione è aperta a tutti: nonAnyone is welcome to enrol: there are no age or experience restrictions. We do not require any type of previous educational certificate from the applicant. New students will be admitted at the beginning of autumn, winter and spring trimesters.




The teaching programme is structured to give students the possibility to join at any month throughout the current academic year.

Lessons will be held during the day with morning and afternoon sessions where practical exercises (both individual and guided by the teacher) will alternate to professor’s explanations through the analysis of a number of artworks.

The Milan Academy of Art programme has a circuit structure: the students begin by copying XIX century drawings by Charles Bargue.

The simplified forms of Bargue’s drawings allow students to understand the teaching process of the Milan Academy of Art, focusing on the constructive schemes and proportions, putting in place geometrical techniques purposively chosen to improve one’s ability to produce more complex drawings, tonal values and quality of lines.

This method will then be applied to the plaster cast reproduction exercises, fundamental to tackle the studio in person.

The programme continues with a knowledge consolidation of the materials to be used for the developing of various exercises of Charles Bargue’s lithographies, and the first technical approaches to studying chiaroscuro by pencil and charcoal.

Already from the first lessons, live models will be present during teaching hours, circuitry alternating to the various fundamental exercises to be completed to gain the skills to translate a two dimensional form into a three dimensional one.

The practice of reproducing plaster mould helped the great masters of the past to understand the craft. By practicing reproducing plaster moulds and live models, the students of the Milan Academy of Art will develop the required observation skills and allow them to work in real life.

This practice allows them to confront one of the biggest challenges: live portrait. Emphasis is placed on the description of form through the relationship between lights and shadows and the quality of lines.

The programme continues with insights into the study of colour, enriching the sets by having the models wear costumes of the time to be pictorially reproduced. The models will pose for 3 hours each session, allowing students to make accurate observations and produce a neat drawing or painting.

By the end of one’s academic study, the attention to the various materials and ability to recognise the steps of the pictorial phases, provides the student with the necessary means to become a professional painter.

To best express oneself in the realm of art, it is important to study and understand the grammatical structure, as when learning a new language.




Teaching hours

Part-time Morning

From 10am to 1pm

Part-time Afternoon

From 2pm to 5pm

Part-time Evening

from 5.30pm to 8pm


Once enrolled, you will be asked to confirm your place with a non-refundable months-pay deposit.

The afternoon/evening course renews each month.

There are four trimesters in an academic year: autumn, winter, spring and summer. (We kindly request you to note that the drawing and painting supplies are not included)

Payments are accepted by bank transfer

IBAN: IT83 N084 0420 2000 0000 0802 868

To Simone Nania


All supplies and equipment costs are the student’s responsibility.




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