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Anyone is welcome to enrol: there are no age or experience restrictions. We do not require any type of previous educational certificate from the applicant. New students will be admitted at the beginning of autumn, winter and spring trimesters.

Academy day programme.

The Milan Academy of Art is a private institution that teaches traditional drawing and painting.  

The tradition of art workshop started in Italy in the 14th century. The teaching techniques of the Academy are established on those of the European academies of the 19th century and come as the result of years of research and experimentation from the founder and director of the Milan Academy of Art. This gradual process teaches the student to take full advantage of the abilities necessary for representation painting. It forms the student to have the capacity to make use of ideas and classical techniques for contemporary expression.

Nania Simone, born in Legnano (MI) on 14 July 1980, studies traditional drawing and painting since his adolescence, coming into his own in his father’s workshop, Sandro Nania, himself a painter of the same classical-figurative formation, and master of informal and expressionist paintings.
In his artworks’ compositions, he attempts a productive combination of the anatomical study and theoretical principles of drawing and colours with expressive and communicative efficiency.
The same method is transported in the Milan Academy of Art project, where the theoretical study and practical execution are found to be intermeshing in a valid and professional teaching style that evaluates the effort and talent of students through his rigorous and effective structure.

The Milan Academy of Art wants to shape professional artists, aware of the lack of an effective teaching method in universities and public art schools. Even in Europe, where some old vestige method of drawing from plaster mould and still life oil painting remain, official schools do not have the knowledge to be teaching realism effectively. The Milan Academy of Art has structured a concrete teachable programme through a series of exercises for a study period of 2 years, the student learns to master such technique.


The study programme, fundamental to learning has evolved from a combination of research of the founder of the Milan Academy of Art, inspired by the French Academy of the XIX century. The programme begins with a series of specially selected lithographies, these rapidly teach the student the basic abilities for an accurate rendering. The Academy uses the best set of didactic drawings: realised by Charles Bargue in the 19th century, upon Jean-Léon Gérôme’s request. With these basic skills, the student proceeds to a work of fusion, first using charcoal, then oil painting. From these, the student will go on to learn still life, the best arena to study colour, texture and three dimensional illusion. Immediately from the first trimester the students begins the work of live model, fundamental to our programme.
To teach the maximum terms of accuracy and execution, the school utilised the life-size method for the reproduction of plaster moulds (gessi) (sculptures) and still life. The execution of a portrait of real-life models teaches the student how to incorporate the conceptual with realism through a comparative measure system. While this system was common in the XIX century’s ateliers, it is rarely found in today’s realism academies.


The Milan Academy of Art highlights the importance of professionality for those who intend to pursue painting as a career. On the contrary to popular belief, the artist career is a viable one, a painter who has been well formed can expect to make a living equal to that of a doctor or a lawyer. Studying at the Milan Academy of Art is seen as a professional investment.

The study programme will allow students to approach art with confidence and overcome the most difficult projects of drawing and painting. Utilising the skills, techniques, knowledge and approach taught at the Milan Academy of Art.




The method of the Academy is that of individuality in a group context. Each student is assessed on a continuous basis and will advance largely in measure of invested time and study. Since the programme is a succession of carefully selected projects, the previous formation and the experience of a student do not influence the assigned work; the speed with which one advances depends solely on the speed of learning. In general, the atmosphere of the Milan Academy of Art is friendly and relaxed. The competition is friendly and there is a feeling of support and respect between the students as well as the professors: their goals are, after all, reciprocal.



Academic Year
Trimester dates

Autumn trimester
From 21st September to 4th December
Winter trimester
From 4th January to 19th March
Spring trimester
From 6th April to 19th June


10am - 1pm
2pm - 5pm


We ask you to contact us for further information. The tuition fee is to be paid by the start of the academic programme.  

The enrolment fee for each of the 4 yearly academic terms of 2020-2021 is €1890,00.


Payments are accepted by bank transfer 

IBAN: IT83 N084 0420 2000 0000 0802 868

To Simone Nania


All supplies and equipment costs are at the student’s discretion.
No refunds will be issues if, after the start of the trimester, the student misses a lesson or, for any reason, decides to abandon the course.

Where we are: via Sian Giacomo Mora, 5 Milano
Tel: +39 3339689994







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